Triathlete Knee Pain. What should you do - Interview with Physical Therapist Dr. Michele Rebozzi, PT, DPT, OCS

In this podcast, Coach Shangrila Rendon interviews a Physical Therapist, Dr. Michele Rebozzi, PT, DPT, OCS specifically about KNEE PAIN. 

Listen in and find out what you should do if your knee hurts.

Here are some of the questions covered: 

  • When do we know when knee pain is serious?
  • When should you see a doctor?
  • What to do if your movements are limited?
  • What to do if your pain is increasing with time not decreasing?
  • How long should I wait and observe to decide to see someone about it?
  • Which specialist should I see? How can I tell if they are any good?
  • What is an orthopedic surgeon likely to tell you as treatment for knee pain?
  • What exercises can I do that will help?
  • Top 3 things I should do to resolve and prevent knee pain?
  • Why is video cycling analysis and run analysis a good idea?
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