Training Before, During, and After Surgery | Motivational Triathlete Stories

In this episode, Coach Shangrila talks with Leo & Andrea about how to stay on track with health goals through physical & mental training despite surgery.


- How to deal with the disappointment and worry of needing a surgery

- What to do to continue being on track with health and fitness goals during this process

- How to physically and mentally prepare for a surgery

- How to speed up recovery after surgery?

- Torn acl, meniscus, partial knee replacement, disc replacement, shoulder surgery, training injuries…

- The toll of negative self-talk, doubts, not knowing what to expect, fear of re-injuring oneself

- The fine line between having a strong mindset vs knowing when is the right time to push beyond physical limitations

- Aiming for Ironman after a bike accident, surgery for Andrea or after multiple surgeries for Leo

- How to resume training after surgery

- How to transition from “Can I do an Ironman even after my surgery?” to “I can do an Ironman”

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