Staying Strong and Becoming Superhuman at 50+ | Motivational Triathlete Stories

In this episode, Coach Shangrila Rendon asks how Javey from Texas who works in healthcare, does property management on the side and is very active in the community, how he was able to:

- Complete his first double marathon (52.4 miles) while raising funds for kids with disabilities and special needs when he turned 52. He raised at least $10k for Texas Lions Camp

- Overcame his trauma and fear of drowning and open water swimming

- Recently beat his personal record and completed 2 days of back-to-back cycling in the mountains (Day 1: 75 miles w/ 4k ft elevation gain averaging 175 W. Day 2: 6 miles w/ 1500 ft elevation gain @ 235 W).

- Come from not knowing proper swim technique, dependent on the snorkel, swimming at 2:30 min/100 yards and now averaging 1:50 min/100 yards.

- Complete 12 half marathon in 12 days with average time of 2:16:51 while staying injury free

- Win and place top of his age group in triathlon

- Continues to beat his personal records in swimming, cycling and running


During the show, we will talk about:

- How to face and overcome your fears so you are not afraid of anything

- Time management and how to handle more and bigger goals even when your schedule is already full

- How to learn a new sport and maintain a manageable level of stress

- What to do to not get sick and injured while increasing your training volume

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