Making Impossible Dreams Possible | Motivational Triathlete Stories

In this episode, Coach Shangrila Rendon talks with Julie, Scott and Mark, who shares their experiences going after their dreams this year.


- Mark finished the California International Marathon (26.2 miles) with a 2:59:13 time (@6:50 min/mi) with 7 weeks of coaching despite of prior challenges e.g. knee pain and illness

- Julie finished the California International Marathon (26.2 miles) with a 3:17:03 time (@7:31 min/mi) 3 weeks after beating her half marathon PR with a 1:34:20 time (@7:12 min/mi) and winning 2nd place in her age group despite of some limitations on her back

- Scott finished his first Ironman in Cozumel with a 11:30:16 time, achieved a 70.3 PR of 5:37:48 and Boston Marathon finish within 10 days despite of very busy schedule, travel and prior issues e.g. plantar fasciitis, knee pain, bursitis, hip issues

- “When I signed up for Ironman Cozumel my goal was to finish. My goal time was 13:06 and I didn’t think that was achievable… yet I finished my first Ironman in under 12 hours”

- “I wasn't sure about hitting 7:10 min/mile half way so I didn't force myself to slow down in the beginning and just went to the flow. Am so happy. This was an unexpected finish. I honestly didn’t believe I could”

- “Not a chance, I didn’t even know I was capable of qualifying when I was healthy. Just surprised myself.”

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