Interview with solo Uberman Finisher, multi Ultraman, Double Decaman Finisher, Legend Giorgio Alessi

In this episode, Coach Shangrila Rendon interviews solo Uberman finisher, multi Ultraman, Tour Divide, Double Decaman finisher, Legend Giorgio Alessi

Inside this interview:

  • How was it doing Uberman as the first solo racer
  • Running in Death Valley while wife is worrying about seeing a coyote
  • Finishing the Tour Divide 2x
  • Doing the 2-month East West mountain bike race
  • Training during covid
  • Swimming in a lake for TransAmTri compared to a Double Deca race
  • Finishing the Arch to Arch
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about sharks
  • Planning for bikepacking and things that can’t be planned
  • Curious observations about Northern and Southern states/countries
  • Vacation races
  • Setting a goal and sticking to it
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