I finished my first vEveresting! Here is what I discovered…

Listen in on two strong athletes sharing their experience doing and finishing their first virtual everesting cycling.
Find out how Sakthi finished the climb of 29.1K FT elevation gain without music, coffee or watching anything on tv, despite a history of 4 shoulder surgeries, 3 knee surgeries, 1 ankle surgery, and back pain. Learn the top 3 things he learned during the experience. Total elevation: 29.1K ft. Distance: 130 miles. Moving time: 17 hrs 53 min. Elapsed time: 18 hrs 46 min.
Hear Erik share how he finished his vEveresting climb despite working full time and having kids at home. Learn the 4 things that helped him out during the climb. Total elevation: 30.8K ft. Distance: 130 miles. Moving time: 16 hrs 47 min. Elapsed time: 19 hrs 21 min.


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