How to use Nutritarian-Vegan Diet as a Strong Athlete - Interview with Nutrition Expert and Triathlete Ivan Blazquez

In this podcast, Coach Shangrila Rendon interviews Ivan Blazquez, plant-based personal trainer, nutrition expert, former pro-physique athlete, triathlete and researcher about how to use the nutritarian-vegan diet as a strong athlete.

These are some of the items that we discussed:

  • What should I eat before race day if I’m trying to eat healthy on a plant based vegan diet?
  • Why should someone consider a vegan diet?
  • Should I be afraid of bulking up if I lift weights as a triathlete?
  • How much should I eat during a race?
  • Superfoods you didn’t know about that improve your vo2 max
  • Doing both triathlon and strength training at the same time
  • What’s the best food for fast recovery after a race?
  • Foods that improve your sleep and make it easier to fall asleep
  • Best foods I should eat to be healthy
  • What about vitamin B-12
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