How to go from a Sprint to 70.3 in a month | Motivational Triathlete Stories

In this episode, Coach Shangrila talks with Ken from California, who shares how he was able to go from being a strong sprinter to finishing IM 70.3 Oceanside with only a month of training. 


- The power of a “Can Do” attitude in making almost impossible goals be possible
- How an “Old School” type of athlete can adapt and incorporate technology (e.g. Garmin, Training Peaks, etc.) in training
- Translating the “yes” commitment into consistent actions and not letting doubts creep in during training despite of unexpected circumstances or a busy daily schedule
- Progression of training on how to clip and unclip cycling shoes on top of building endurance in cycling for a hilly 70.3 course.
- Learning the proper running technique in order to make running easier
- How to feel strong all the way to the finish line with a solid nutrition plan
- Incorporating triathlon training with Spartan training
- Building swim endurance in the ocean
- Listening to what your body is telling you and being proactive
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