How to Finish STRONG, Stay Injury-Free & Recover Fast With Only 1.5 hours Training Per Day!

In this episode, Coach Shangrila talks with Ngina, a mother, wife, full-time nurse, triathlete, and an ultra runner who took on 70.3 Oceanside and Zion 100 miler back to back at the beginning of this month despite being scared of the ocean waves. Zion 100 this year is her comeback from last year's DNF due to ankle injury and knee pain.


- 1st in AG [50-54] on her 1st 100 mi run in Zion Ultras on April 9th

- 70.3 PR with an ocean Swim (1.25 mi): 46:50 @2:13 min/100y PR / Bike (56-mi): 4:07:18 / Run (13.1-mi): 2:45:11 mins on April 2nd


In this LIVE training we will be discussing: 

- How to balance being a wife, mother, full time nurse, triathlete & ultra runner

- What to do when you are nervous about the ocean waves

- How to keep from getting overwhelmed and nervous

- What to do to not burn yourself out in the process and not second guess if you are putting in enough hours

- What to do to adapt to changing weather conditions

- How to train for a triathlon and a long endurance run at the same time

- What did she do to recover fast when she only had 7 days between her 2 big races

- How did she achieve optimal nutrition for both of her races

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