How To Crush Your 1st Triathlon Race Despite Of Open Water Panic Attacks

In this episode, Coach Shangrila talks with Ada who shares her strategies, insights and story:

From Zero Triathlon & Open Water Swim Panic to having no fear & Beating Swim, Bike & Run PRs on 1st Sprint Triathlon Race

- What are the first steps in overcoming anxiety and fear of open water swimming, ocean waves, letting go of the buoy, and the thought of not having enough energy to swim long.

- What to do to get rid of nagging IT band pain?

- How to train & prepare for your 1st sprint triathlon even if you are don't really like running

- How to go from panicking & being so afraid of swimming in the deep water & open water to feeling safe & fearless

- How to gain confidence & overcome fear so you don’t hold back in other areas of your life

- In just 11 weeks, how can it be possible for someone like Ada to wonder “What was I so afraid of?” about swimming open water?

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