How Katy Beat her Ironman PR & Placed 11th AG Post ACL & Meniscus Surgery in Cozumel - Interview

In this podcast, Coach Shangrila Rendon asks Katy how she was able to beat her Ironman personal record (PR) and place 11th in her age group (AG) Post ACL & Meniscus Surgery. How was she preparing and training for it despite challenging physical limitations. 

Inside this interview:

  • Going from feeling fearful of running because of exercise induced asthma since childhood and not being able to breath to finishing a hilly full marathon
  • Scared of screwing up my knee after surgery
  • Learning to pay attention to the small things. Early symptoms. Proactively knowing what's gonna happen.
  • Figuring out how hard I can push myself before it becomes unsafe.
  • Going from 2:10 to 1:50 seconds per 100 yards in swimming
  • Having a support system. Having someone that believes in you more than you believe in yourself.
  • Not always taking what the first doctor says as the end story.
  • Dealing with physical limitations
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