How Fanny overcame her Shin Pain & is now winning Back-To-Back Tri & MTB Races - Interview

In this interview, Coach Shangrila Rendon listens how Fanny Hollingshead overcame her Shin Pain and is now winning Back-to-Back Triathlon and MTB Races

During the LIVE show, we will talk about:

  • How Fanny was able to go from a 11 min/mile run pace while feeling nagging shin pain to placing in her age group without experiencing pain
  • When should pain be addressed?
  • What is Body Maintenance and why it matters?
  • How Fanny used targeted strength training to address the root of what was causing the pain
  • What effect did correcting the technique have?
  • How did it feel to place 1st in age group in the Oregon Triple Crown race with 7073 Ft Elevation Gain
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