How Amy PRd on St. George 70.3 & IRONMAN Tulsa in 1 Month - Interview

In this episode, Coach Shangrila Rendon is asks Amy Purvis about how she PRd both St. George 70.3 & rainy IRONMAN Tulsa, despite that these races were only 2 weeks apart 🧐.

Other athletes' reasons for not doing well on races or losing their fitness were because:

  • Races were cancelled last year
  • COVID 19 was very stressful and it affected their motivation
  • Weight gain

But how come it didn’t seem that Amy got affected by this? Listen in to find out how she did it!

During the LIVE interview we will cover:

  • Challenges that she had to go through as a single-mom, being overweight and novice triathlete, specifically during the first years of her triathlon
  • Tools that she used to transform herself into Super Amy who beats her Personal Record and continuously is unstoppable
  • How she was able to recover from St. George 70.3 and raced Ironman Tulsa within 2 weeks
  • What thought processes go through her mind when setting and tackling goals
  • How has she gained confidence in herself and is not afraid to dream big
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