From Zero Training & High Risk of Injury to 55K Trail Run With 6k Elevation Gain in 7 weeks!

In this episode, Coach Shangrila talks with Ellen from California, who shares how she prepared for such a big goal despite challenges with having limited time to train, fear of re-injuring herself and being new to ultra running.


How a busy nurse went from having knee and shin pain to finishing her first ultra run:

- How to overcome nagging knee and shin pain & prevent injuries WHILE continuing to get stronger in running

- How to be able to train for your next big goal if you only have 1 hour a day to train?

- How to gain confidence that YOU CAN finish your race despite of busy schedule & training challenges

- Does taking magnesium and collagen supplements help with knee and shin pain?

- What to do to wake up without being sore a day after the big race

- How to get the training in when you have a super busy and stressful work schedule

- What can you do to not give up on your goal especially when fitting in & executing training is so hard

- 12 miles into the Chicago marathon knee started hurting…

- “I was so surprise that I woke up with zero soreness next day”

- “It was surprising to hear my very fast friends telling me i’m fast”

- “my kids and hubby were so happy knowing I made it”

- “I’m still in awe of how I made it to the Cut-off time with only 7 weeks of training. 55k (34.5miles) was tough. Many had crossed the finish line but got DNQ (Did Not Qualify)”

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