From Overwhelm To Regaining Control Of Your Health | Motivational Triathlete Stories

In this episode, Coach Shangrila talks with Melissa who shares her experiences going from lacking motivation, feeling stuck and self conscious to building good sustainable eating habits, feeling fantastic after working out and gaining momentum on her way to a dream goal of finishing an Ironman.


- Building good sustainable eating habits instead of focusing on limiting, dieting and eliminating

- How to regain your health back after loss of loved ones, COVID and other life struggles
- Renewing that love for sports and working on your dream, e.g. completing a full Ironman.
- What if you love food/culinary and have a wine business… Is it possible to develop good habits while being around it?
- Feeling self conscious about being top heavy
- How to establish a consistent solid training and nutrition plan that’s easy to follow
- Progression from not working out to finishing 4.3 miles.
- Melissa: "I haven't finished 4.3 miles in over a year! Just hit me! Feeling fantastic! Tired, but fantastic!"
- How to break out of lack of motivation and feeling stuck
- How to get your family be on board with your goals in triathlon
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