From Injury Prone to Setting a 70.3 PR & Becoming a Boston Finisher [in 4 months]

In this episode, Coach Shangrila Rendon asks how Scott from Georgia, a family man with 2 kids and a demanding job, was able to overcome being injury-prone and actually set a 70.3 PR and become a Boston Marathon finisher in just 4 months.

During the show, we will talk about:

- How to solve nagging pain & prevent injuries WHILE continuing to get stronger in swimming, cycling and running

- How to overcome plantar fasciitis, knee pain and hip issues

- How to maintain manageable stress at work, traveling for races, kids/family, training and racing

- How to continue building the confidence that you could achieve anything you put your mind on

- How to execute strong finishes on back-to-back races

Coach Shangrila asks Scott how he was able to:

- Finish 5 races in 5 different states within 7 weeks.

- Achieve 70.3 PR of 5:37:48 and Boston Marathon finish within 10 days

- Recover and get back to being healthy and strong after COVID vaccinations and being struck by lighting while swimming in open water.

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