Finishing a Full IRONMAN Without Doing Sprint, Olympic or 70.3 First

In this episode, Coach Shangrila Rendon talks with Mauricio from California, who shares how he finished his first Ironman and then beat his 1st ironman finish time by 1.5 hours after training without Garmin, wetsuit, or cycling shorts.


- Committing to racing a full marathon without racing a 1/2 marathon first

- Completing a double century ride without finishing a century ride first.

- Committing to racing a full Ironman without racing a sprint, Olympic or 70.3 first.

- What Mauricio did differently in order to beat his previous swim time of 1:39:48 with new current PR of 1:10:13 on the same course with minimal open water swim practice... He disliked the cold open water and trained mostly in the pool.

- What to prioritize when doing triathlon with a limited budget

- How to not hate rain on your Ironman race day and use the rain to gain speed in the race.

- Training for triathlon not because you like it but because it challenges you.

- Beating full Ironman PR by 1.5hr 2 weeks after beating full marathon PR by 1hr. How did he recover fast and still beat his PR?

- How did he achieve optimal nutrition on his recent full marathon to beat his PR

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