Becoming a Stronger Runner at 60+ | Motivational Triathlete Stories

In this episode, Coach Shangrila Rendon talks with Tom from California, who shares his experience becoming a stronger runner at 64 with only 9 weeks of training.


How 9 weeks of proper training exceeded the results of 16 Years of running experience:

- Finally discovering the remarkable effects of combining proper running technique + drills + body maintenance + nutrition to become a faster runner within 9 weeks after 16 years “regular” running

- Proving that quality in training supersedes quantity (years) of training experience AND that “age is only a number.”

- Deciding to qualify for Boston Marathon at 64

- Feeling excited executing 8 min/mile sprints only a week after finishing a strong full marathon

- How to not cramp during a full marathon especially after mile 20 🧐 What to do to not feel dizzy, weak and dehydrated half way through a marathon

- How to speed up the recovery and be able to run daily without overtraining and risking getting hurt

- The experience of running with people half of his age and finishing a marathon at the same time as them

- Improving health and strength to be able to transition happily into retirement through traveling for races

- Getting tired of having to only focus on getting faster in running during the 7 months of the yearly running season

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